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Allison Fisher Vs. Dennis Taylor unusually fun exhibition match

An old exhibition match I played with Dennis Taylor where I had to use every piece of equipment available to make the shot. All in good fun, of course.

Jump shots from World Champion pool player Allison Fisher

Please enjoy some of my favorite jump shots from tournaments past. The one at 0:21 is especially satisfying. Jump shots are best accomplished with a special jump cue (scooping underneath the ball is not allowed in formal competition. 

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About Allison

To watch any athlete in the throes of passion – performing the sport they love with flawless execution and an expression that dares defeat to cross their path – this is the thrill we so enjoy as spectators. For Fisher fans, this thrill is multiplied, each and every time she chalks up another victory.

Allison has been called the “Fisher Queen,” the “Barracuda,” the “Duchess of Doom,” and yes, even “Alli the Bug” (by a big brother when they were kids), but the truth is, none of the nicknames quite fit the personality of this resilient champion. “I don’t like nicknames personally,” says Allison Fisher. “I am my own brand in my eyes.”

2018 Schedule

June 22-25

WPBA, Emerald Billiards, Louisiana

August 16-19

NAPT, Grayslake, IL

September 20-23

NAPT, Griff's Sports Bar, Las Vegas

November 7-11

Tornado Open, Atlantic City, NJ

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Billiards Titles

1 Gold Medal- 2009 World Games
4 World Championships (WPA)
8 U.S. National Championships (WPBA)
8 U.S. Open Championships (WPBA)
2 BCA Championships (WPBA)
39 Classic Tour Titles (WPBA)
22 Other Worldwide titles including:
5 Tournament of Champions
5 Amway Cups
2 ESPN Championships

Snooker Titles

11 World Championships
7 Singles
4 Doubles
80+ National Championships


City of Brighton Walk of Fame, inducted November 2002

Presented McDonalds Child of Achievement Awards for 7 consecutive years commencing 1988, with prominent figures such as Princess Diana, HRH The Duchess of Kent, Baroness Thatcher and Sir John Major.

Launched the Rothmans Year Book

Twice named UK Tie Woman of the Year

Allison Fisher: Remember the Name

Allison Fisher embodies the indomitable spirit of the consummate athlete. Forget that she’s brilliant at the table. Forget that she’s the most consistent player in the history of pool. Watching Allison defeat an opponent is memorable for so many more reasons: her precise mechanics, her deadly aim, the incredible planning that goes into a perfect run-out, and the patience of a hungry predator as she waits to make her move.